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is more than just the brand with a duck.  We are a collective of snowboarders and skateboarders, artists and creators. Outdoor enthusiasts who are passionate about great design. With our roots in the Portland, OR we needed a bag that could transition from the slopes of mountain hood, to our busy lives in the city.  In 2014 we set out to build a pack that could do it all.  Since then we've expanded our product line to include duffels, apparel, accessories and more.  By combining durable materials and simple, timeless design; we are able to create gear that's limitless in its capability.

不僅僅是帶鴨子的品牌。 我們是滑雪板愛好者和滑板愛好者,藝術家和創作者的集體。 熱愛偉大設計的戶外愛好者。 我們的根源在波特蘭,或者我們需要一個可以從山頂山坡過渡到我們在城市忙碌生活的包。 2014年,我們開始構建一個可以完成所有工作的包。 從那時起,我們擴大了我們的產品線,包括行李袋,服裝,配飾等。 結合耐用的材料和簡單,永恆的設計; 我們能夠創造出無限能力的裝備。

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