Authentic Aloha Shirt

Established in 1989, Two Palms is a leading manufacturer and designer of authentic "Made in Hawaii" Aloha shirts. 

The floral designs are as lively and classic as any Hawaiian shirt, a nice statement accent for simple summer attire, and fit true to size, but slightly roomy, keeping in tradition with Hawaiian shirting. Coconut buttons placed at on a flat placket set the package off nicely while a pattern-matched chest pocket keeps from disturbing the print.

成立於1989年的Two Palms是“夏威夷製造” Aloha襯衫的領先製造商和設計師。

花卉圖案像任何夏威夷襯衫一樣活潑而經典,是簡單夏季服裝的絕佳口音,適合大小,但略顯寬鬆,與夏威夷襯衫保持傳統。 椰子鈕扣放在平坦的門襟上,可以很好地襯托包裝,而圖案匹配的胸袋則不會打擾印刷.

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