ART BROWN UK Saddle Leather Belt Black

ART BROWN UK Saddle Leather Belt Black

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Saddle leather made by J&FJ Baker (UK), a long-established tannery that has been around since Roman times.

Developed to make the saddle of a national noble horse, the leather, which is carefully hand-crafted over a long period of time, has the characteristics of being thick and sturdy so that it can withstand violent movement and rough handling.

It is tanned using a unique tanning method called wax tanning, and is a very rare high-class leather that contains plenty of wax and fat.

It is highly durable, and as you use it, its unique luster increases and you can enjoy a deep secular change.


  • UK saddle leather
  • Solid Brass Buckle
  • Size 33 fit 29-33
  • Size 36 fit 32-36
  • Made in Japan