JOHNSON MOTORS Winged Wheel Bandana

JOHNSON MOTORS Winged Wheel Bandana

This Bandanna pays homage to the last journey that Jimmy took in his Porsche 550 Spyder. The road route outlining this bandanna follows Deans actual trip. Hour by hour. The pivotal stops Jimmy made. And roadside meetings with fellow racers and a police officer that would give Jimmy a speeding ticket. This fateful day. His final stop at Blackwells corner. To chat with Bruce Kessler and Lance Reventlow. Before donning his favorite red jacket from Rebel without a cause. For the final drive as the sun set and the evening chill set in. James Dean has been a constant influence to Johnson Motors. His life at full throttle. With no prisoners, at such an early age. Was truly amazing for the period he lived. His sense of style and the brooding genius that lay within was always dangerous. He was and still is dangerous!   We hope you enjoy this small piece of remembrance. 

100% cotton hemmed bandanna, with a vintage wash and hand-drawn graphic. Sewn, dyed, printed and washed in Los Angeles. 22”x 22”


Ideal for motorcycle riding. Perfect hand rolled as a cooling neckerchief. Or for hiding your identity while doing crimes and stuff.

    HK$160.00 一般價格


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