TCB JEANS 13.5oz Slim 50's Jeans

TCB JEANS 13.5oz Slim 50's Jeans

The fabric is in reverence to the transition timing for the cowboy brand when they started to transfer to the famous left hand twilled fabric. The period was between 1924 and 1944, from which you can feel nostalgic about the old history. The cotton used is from the USA.
The original pants were sold as the work wears for cowboys so that they must be durable enough to survive through the tough use on horses. For this jeans, as our respect to the heritage jeans, TCB team faithfully reproduced it with 13 OZ selvedge denim.
To reproduce the unique slubbiness like the one on vintage, the fabric was woven very slowly with the tension for the warps kept very loose by a vintage loom.
For the wefts, they selected pre-dyed grey thread so that stains or dusts will look conspicuous even when the jeans get faded, which was of course invented more than 50 years ago by our great predecessors in the denim world
The yarn count for both warps and wefts is 7.
This fabric is exclusively made for TCB, called TCB COWBOY.


  • Cotton 100%
  • Based on LEE COWBOYS
  • Button Fly
  • Triple Stitch
  • Backle Back
  • Hair on hide leather
  • CATBOY Button
  • 13oz
  • Grey weft yarn
  • Size info

    Size 30
    waist: 76cm
    length: 89cm
    width: 30.5cm
    rise: 30.5cm
    hem width: 20.5cm


    Size 32
    waist: 83cm
    length: 89cm
    width: 31.5cm
    rise: 30.5cm
    hem width: 21.5cm


    Size 34
    waist: 88cm
    length: 89cm
    width: 33cm
    rise: 31cm
    hem width: 22cm