TYPE 37 - 1971

TYPE 37 - 1971

庫存單位: HS579V01
MATERIAL : AcetateSIZE : 51 - 20 - 140


    Eyewear made from the cellulose acetate, a very valuable plastic material partially of natural origin.

    It belongs to the family of cellulosic resins and is made by chemical modification of a natural polymer: the cellulose.  To find the true value of this king of materials we have to analyse its physical and technical properties.  The main features of the acetate are the brilliant colour and its transparency. We have made it possible to obtain an aesthetic effect with this acetate very similar to the Real Horn.


    The acetate is expertly used by our artisans in combination with other materials, such as metal and titanium.

HK$1,730.00 一般價格